VT Reedle Shot Cleanser 80ml

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Contains 15um size CICA REEDLE™ which is an unique ingredient of VT to cleanse wastes inside pores.
CICA REEDLE™ and soothing ingredient provide sooth skin texture without roughness and excessive dead skin cells.
The formula contains PHA which is a vegan ingredient for esthetic peeling, and LHA as the 4th generation peeling agent to gently dissolve wastes inside pores for smooth and soft skin.
The CICA REEDLE™ in dense and soft foam provides deep cleansing of wastes inside pores.
Contains CICA REEDLE™, LHA, and PHA to control sebum and dead skin cells.
Contains Persea Gratissima (Avocado) Fruit Extract, Houttuynia Cordata Extract, and Saururus Chinensis Extract for skin soothing, hydration, and retaining moisture.
Contains Cica Hyalon™, centella asiatica, triple hyaluronic acids, centella 4X complex, and green propolis extract to provide smooth skin surface with reedle shot.